Wednesday, July 6

‘Turbito’, the Valencian neo-Nazi exhibited in Syria with weapons of war

The Valencian neo-Nazi Pablo Garrido Mancebo has traveled to the Syrian battlefield, according to photos circulating in which he appears with weapons of war and to which has had access. Garrido, aka Turbito, is a native of the Benicalap neighborhood of Valencia and a well-known neo-Nazi militant who has been in remand prison number 14 of the Antonio AsunciĆ³n de Picassent penitentiary (Valencia).

Multiple photos of Turbito They have circulated in the networks of the extreme right, some with messages of support, in which they appear in military clothing and even with weapons of war, according to sources from the antifascist movement.

Garrido, who worked in an Italian restaurant in the Russafa neighborhood, is not the first ultra Valencian to visit the Arab country. The ex-military Juan Manuel Soria Monfort, former leader in Valencia of the small National Alliance, spent some time fighting in Syria, according to the newspaper The world, along with the Kurdish militias, enlisted in a peculiar hodgepodge of foreign fighters made up of mercenaries, far-right and far-left militants caused by the chaos of the civil war.

Turbito he sports a swastika tattoo on his chest, as seen in the photographs. In one of the images, the neo-Nazi is seen with a rocket launcher similar to Russian RPGs, although with a handmade appearance, according to military sources consulted, and a Spanish flag in the background. In another image you can see what a Kalashnikov looks like.

The presence of Spaniards in Syria, especially on the Kurdish front, has created a striking combat space, often used for purely media purposes or for internal consumption, which has brought together neo-Nazi militants and members of extreme left groups. Roberto Vaquero, leader of the Workers’ Front, a Stalinist-leaning group, was sentenced by the Supreme Court to one year and three months in prison as the perpetrator responsible for a crime of belonging to a criminal group.