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Turull maintains the balance in Junts and proposes an organization secretary close to Borràs

The general secretary of Junts, Jordi Turull, has decided to maintain the internal balances agreed with Laura Borràs and propose David Torrents as party organization secretary, who did not obtain sufficient support from the militancy at the last congress. The new head of Junts thus seeks to extinguish the threats of conflict that the Borràs sector expressed after the congress from which several of the supporters of the president of the Parliament were defeated, including Torrents.

Borràs assumes the presidency of Junts but Turull makes a coup in the vote

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As Turull explained at a press conference this Monday, Torrents’ proposal as secretary of the organization wants to guarantee “balance” and “unity” in the party. Torrents was already the initial candidate for that position, but he did not get enough support in the congress two weeks ago. “I presented myself with an agreement and balances, such as names and surnames. I am a person of my word and I want to submit it to militancy again”, said Turull, who has asked the affiliates to ratify Torrents.

Close to Borràs, Torrents only received 918 votes in congress, so he did not meet the requirements established by the regulations to obtain the position for which he had applied, in what was a coup by Turull in congress and a demonstration of its strength among the militancy. Another of those close to Borràs, the candidate for member Ester Vallès, also did not receive enough support as required by the regulations. Turull has proposed it again this Monday.

Turull’s third proposal for the internal vote is that of former deputy Lluís Guinó to replace Miquel Sàmper, who resigned due to incompatibility with his new position in the Government’s Legal Advisory Commission. Junts will submit the proposal to the militancy this week, which this time will have to vote en bloc. The party will consider the charges validated if there are more votes in favor than against.

Turull has sent a letter to the affiliates asking for “the maximum participation” and has defended that Torrents is “a very capable person”. Current deputy mayor of Badalona by Junts, Torrents is a Mosso d’Esquadra on leave and his name is known for having fueled conspiracy theories about the August 17 attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils ruled out by both the Mossos investigation as by the National Court.

However, Turull has admitted that, after the vote in Argelès, “the balance” that he had agreed with Borràs was “a little unbalanced”. The open war between the sectors of Junts is already looking ahead to the second part of the Congress, which will be held on the weekend of July 16 and 17 in L’Hospitalet, an event that will be politically decisive because the political papers that they have just distributed the executive power between the presidency of Borràs and the general secretary of Turull. That was the condition of the first to accept the joint candidacy that the second claimed but that, contrary to expectations, has not been enough to avoid war between sides in the congress of the formation.

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