Friday, January 28

Twelve Catalan municipalities ask for a curfew to be applied to avoid large bottles

Twelve municipalities in the Maresme and Vallès Oriental regions (both in Barcelona) have demanded that the Generalitat apply a curfew to them due to the risk of suffering an increase in bottles during the Christmas festivities.

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The towns are Tiana, Alella, Teià, Vilassar de Dalt, Cabrils, Cabrera de Mar, Òrrius, Vilanova del Vallès, Vallromanes, Santa Maria de Martorelles, Martorelles and Sant Fos de Campsentelles, all municipalities with less than 10,000 inhabitants that are outside of the parameters for applying night confinement.

Its mayors have sent the request to the Government by letter, to whom they also ask that if the curfew is not applied, they can count on an extraordinary police device of the Mossos to guarantee security.

The affected municipalities warn that they do not have sufficient police forces to deal with the night bottles that can be produced by citizens looking for a place without time restrictions. They mention, for example, New Years Eve and remind that nightlife venues will be closed.

The mayors warn that in the last selective curfew, in summer, “uncontrollable” bottles were produced in various points of the Serralada Litoral Park. In September, they were forced to limit access to this park and close parking areas between Teià, Vallromanes and Premià de Dalt, or in Cabrils and Vilanova del Vallès, to avoid these situations.

The twelve mayors had already expressed their complaint in the meetings of the Procicat (the body where restrictions are decided in Catalonia) for being outside the night curfew.