Thursday, October 28

Twitch Announces New Features to Prevent Harassment | Digital Trends Spanish

Twitch is one of the platforms of streaming The most popular currently, but it is also one of the ones that have the most problems with harassment towards content creators.

As a result, on September 1, the streamers from Twitch who were frequently harassed in their chats made a protest, so during that entire day they did not broadcast on the platform. They demanded that more tools be implemented to stop trolls.

That is why the company has now announced new security measures, which have already been deployed on the platform so that users begin to benefit.

One of the measures has to do with the control of who participates in the chat. From today, the streamers they have the ability to require some or all of their viewers to verify their identity, either with their phone number or with an email. Only in that way, they will be able to comment in the chat.

Creators can also adjust their chat rules according to different standards. For example, they can set it up so that only users who have been following them for a certain period of time need to be verified. Now users can verify up to five accounts with one phone number.

Users who have several accounts linked to a phone number will have all their accounts suspended if only one of them is suspended, thus forcing users to go through their respective ban. Disabled users will also not be able to verify more accounts with that same number if there is an active suspension linked to it.

Verified chat is disabled by default, but once users activate this feature they will be able to configure their channel by applying the new features. The streamers They can also exempt people such as subscribers, moderators, and VIP users.

“We are optimistic that this will have a significant impact in curbing any type of chat-based harassment, including targeted bot attacks,” said a representative via email to Polygon.

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