Monday, March 27

Twitch bans accounts with names associated with drugs or sex | Digital Trends Spanish

Twitch has just made an important decision regarding the names that users can use. From now on, accounts will not be able to use names that refer to sex or hard drugs.

The idea of ​​the network is to foster a community that is free of names that may be considered offensive or inappropriate.

Twitch has modified its username policy section to include two new exceptions. The platform believes there is a need to set a “stronger standard” and expand nominal restrictions to foster a more diverse and inclusive space.

“Usernames are really important on Twitch. They are your textual avatar in chat and a key aspect of channel branding for creators. They are searchable and have visibility across the platform,” the company said in a statement.

In this way, as of March 1, the platform will not allow the creation of accounts that refer to hard or recreational drugs or their abuse, with the exception of alcohol, tobacco or marijuana.

Names that relate to sexual intercourse, bodily fluids, or genitalia will also not be permitted.

The social network also explains that the accounts that have names that do not comply with the previous policies will continue to be suspended, while those that contain something related to sex or hard drugs will have to request a name restoration.

These accounts will be blocked until they make the name change. However, this change does not mean that they lose their followers or history.

Finally, the network reports that its machine learning model will detect and block accounts that are created from now on with men related to drugs or sex.

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