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Twitch: how to change your password and other security settings | Digital Trends Spanish

Do you think your Twitch account could be compromised? In October 2021, a hacker claimed that he had leaked “the entirety” of the favorite streaming platform of the gamers. And although there is no proof that it is real information, it is always good to consider some aspects that will help you keep your account protected. Therefore, we tell you how to change your password on Twitch and make other security settings.

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How to know if your Twitch account is compromised

The platform suggests keeping an eye out for some signs that could indicate that an account has been compromised by third parties. Among the most obvious indicators are:

  • Your account or profile settings have changes that you haven’t made.
  • Purchases have been made that you do not recognize.
  • You cannot log in with your credentials.
  • You get notifications from creators you don’t follow.
  • You detect “whispers” that you have not sent.

How to change password on Twitch

If you suspect that your account may be compromised and want to change it, you need to open Twitch’s security settings. To do this, click on your profile picture in the upper right corner and select Setting in the drop-down menu.

Then, choose the tab Security and Privacy and go to the section of Security, where you can change your password. You will have to enter the old password and then repeat the new combination twice.

Like most platforms, Twitch recommends using a unique password, meaning one that you haven’t used anywhere else. To ensure that it is secure, he also suggests that it be long and that it is a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.

How to set up two-step verification (2FA) on Twitch

To increase the security of your account, Twitch also allows you to configure the two-step verification (2FA). This system forces users to provide two ways, also called authentication factors, to verify their identity and allow them access to their account.

To configure this tool, the first thing you should do is verify the email linked to your Twitch account. When you’re done, head over to Setting ˃ Security and Privacy and go to the security section, where you must follow the following steps:

  • Choose the option Configure two-step authentication.
  • Select the alternative Enable two-step authentication
  • Enter your phone number and select Twitch recommends not using VOIP numbers.
  • Enter the 7-digit verification code received by text message and select
  • If you have an authentication app, such as Google Authenticator or Authy, with your cell phone’s camera scan the qr code displayed on the screen and enter the 6-digit verification code.
  • If you do not have an authentication app or if you carry out the process from your phone, you will have to choose the option Skip and Use SMS. And that’s it.

Once Two-Step Authentication is activated, your Twitch session will be closed on all devices except the one you are using. The next time you log in to Twitch, you will not only have to enter your password, but you will also have to use the authentication app or enter the SMS code that will be sent to your mobile phone.

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