Friday, September 24

Twitch Streamer Says They Tried To Set His House On Fire | Digital Trends Spanish

Kaitlyn Siragusa, one of the streamers most popular on Twitch and who is also known by his username Amouranth, has revealed that he was the victim of what appears to be an attempted arson at his home.

Siragusa wrote on his Twitter account that on August 14 there was a fire threat at his residence and that the origin is already being investigated; according to her, there are “strong suspicions” that it is an intentional act, although this has not yet been determined and that surveillance videos are being reviewed.

Yesterday, Late in the evening there was a fire along the side of my home originating from the area where my trashcan is kept. The cause of the fire has not yet been determined, but investigators strongly suspect arson.

& mdash; Amouranth (@Amouranth) August 14, 2021

Even more rugged is the fact that the same streamer revealed that it is not the first time something like this has happened to him. In 2020, someone tried to launch fireworks at his home, but was stopped before it happened. And not only has she had fire-related problems, but she is also constantly harassed with joking calls. swatting, which consist of calling the police and sending a team of special forces (or SWAT, in the United States) under the excuse of an extreme situation.

The fact that Siragusa is one of the women with the highest visibility on Twitch has brought her problems not only in real life, but also within the platform itself, mainly due to its content. Some time ago, Twitch suspended its advertising because the content it produced was not eligible for ads.

And if the question is “what kind of content does Amouranth create”, the answer is not so simple. But in short, the streamer has been part of the trend called hot tub in which content creators converse with their audience in swimming pools and in swimsuits. And lately, Amouranth has also dabbled in some ASMR-like content that consists of making sounds by licking a microphone and which is apparently very popular on Twitch.

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