Tuesday, March 21

Twitter adds labels to distinguish “good bots” | Digital Trends Spanish

Twitter announced that it will allow an automated account to identify itself with a label that will distinguish it as a “good bot”.

The intention, Twitter explainsis to allow users to differentiate between a bot operated transparently and those used to create trends artificially.

Twitter said that as of February 16, it will allow all accounts that request it to include the badge.

Visually, these will show the image of a bot below the username and the legend “automated by” and the account responsible for the bot.

Twitter explained that the general availability of these tags comes after a pilot test that began in September 2021 with a selected group. According to the platform, the measure was implemented after an internal investigation revealed that users wanted to have more context with the accounts with which they interact.

Additionally, a spokesperson noted that because the measure is optional, it will not audit automated accounts that interact with real users.

The representative added that people who want to report an automated account will have to do it manually from the options menu that appears in each profile.

Twitter does not have an exact number of how many automated profiles operate on the social network. However, some studies consider that the figure could be around 15 percent of its total users, estimated at about 400 million.

In order for users to learn more about how to interact with “good bots,” Twitter said it will conduct a Space at 3:00 p.m. Pacific.

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