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Twitter allows you to convert videos into GIFs with a single click | Digital Trends Spanish

Twitter has launched a new feature for its users and no, it is not the ability to edit tweets.

platform microblogging It already allows iOS users to record GIFs directly from the app’s camera. Until now, performing this operation was somewhat tedious, since in most cases we had to go to third-party applications such as GIPHY.

Ok GIFs aren’t new but what *is new* is the option to capture your own using the in-app camera on iOS.

— Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) March 22, 2022

Now you just have to click on the button to create a new tweet and select the camera icon. You will see a new button to create GIFs, select it and hold the record button. You will see how automatically what you have recorded will be converted into GIFs format. You can have it create a loop similar to Instagram’s Boomerang or have it play from the beginning.

Among some of the limitations of the new function are the recording time, since this is a maximum of two seconds (the average length of a GIF). There is also no way to save the GIF to our phone or computer to share it outside of Twitter.

At the moment it is unknown if the new GIF recording function will be available for Android users or for the desktop version of the social network, but it may arrive soon.

This year the platform is also expected to add a new feature called Twitter Articles with which users could create long-form messages without having to stick to the current limit of 280 characters.

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