Tuesday, December 7

Twitter buys Threader and converts your thread reading as yet another payment option on your subscription

Twitter has gone shopping. The social network has confirmed the acquisition of Threader, a service that collects tweets from a thread and makes them easy to read. The Threader’s official website It has also been updated with the news in the foreground and has announced that the application as such will close on December 15.

Read threads without distractions, upon payment

Twitter itself will inherit the Threader feature, but only those who are subscribers of the Twitter Blue plan will be able to enjoy it. Blue is the subscription premium Twitter, launched a few months ago in Australia and New Zealand and a few days ago in the United States. Threader was an exclusive iPhone application, but now it will also be available on Android thanks to Twitter’s native support for that system.

All Threader subscriptions have already been canceled, and users who decide to squeeze the service until the last day will be able to use the paid functions whether they are subscribers or not. The company also reports that users can request a refund of annual subscriptions through the App Store on iOS and download all the PDFs they had generated up to the closing day.

Marie Denis herself, co-founder of Threader, has been the one who has prepared this new function on Twitter (called ‘Reader’) and who will go on to work for the company as we can read at TechCrunch. Besides being able to read Twitter threads with a simpler interface, it also threads can be saved as favorites for easy access to them.

Twitter has been making movements for a while that they want to take users beyond simple tweet-based conversations. We have the communities, the tips with cryptocurrencies, a safe mode that blocks the trolls … this absorption of Threader is one more step to try that the more extensive text reads happen to be done within the service itself.

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It also represents an interesting addition to the paid functions of Twitter Blue, although I doubt that this will free it from certain controversies that the subscription is reaping. Some say that users should not pay a fee for what can be considered “basic improvements” of the application, for example. Everything is to let time pass and see if this business model works.

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