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Twitter close to incorporating reactions in its publications | Digital Trends Spanish

Twitter would be closer and closer to incorporating reactions into its posts, just like Facebook does. Developing Nima Owji was able to access this new function of the social network, which could be about to be launched.

A few weeks ago, the analyst Jane Manchun Wong had already advanced this tool, however, at that time, the function did not seem to be completely ready and only some reactions had the corresponding emoji.

In the publication made by Owji, this problem already seems to be solved, which suggests that the new tool would already be ready to be released.

.@Twitter reactions feature is almost complete! Let’s have a look at the final emojis!

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& mdash; Nima Owji (@nima_owji) July 4, 2021

It should be remembered that these new reactions that Twitter is developing are added to “I like” and would be “joy”, “sad”, “hmm” and “hahaha”.

As applied on Facebook, users must press and hold on the “like” button to display the menu of emojis with their respective reactions.

Almost anecdotally, the developer tested this feature with the historic first tweet posted by Jack Dorsey and added the “hmm” reaction, which is used with the emoticon associated with a doubtful expression.

Finally, Nima Owji also announced that the company is working on private messages and searching that will allow filtering them according to individual accounts or groups.

Also, the platform works to show the Spaces rings, their audio rooms, Fleets and their stories in the web version.

At the moment, these features are only available in the iOS and Android apps.

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