Friday, December 8

Twitter could allow two accounts to sign the same tweet | Digital Trends Spanish

Twitter acknowledged that it is evaluating a new feature that could allow two accounts to co-author the same tweet. App researcher Alessandro Paluzzi has been sharing images showing the platform developing this new option, as well as an official Twitter dialog box indicating how tweet collaborations might work.

It wouldn’t be a rare launch, as Instagram debuted the same feature last year. In this case, the possibility of two accounts signing the same publication is useful when there are associations between brands, influencer campaigns or to share the credit of a post that can be original and fun.

#twitter continues to work on the Collabs feature 👀

Let’s see how it works 👇🏻

— Alessandro Paluzzi (@alex193a) March 29, 2022

How will it work?

According to the screenshots shared by the researcher, the user would only be able to invite public accounts to co-sign their post after they accepted an invitation. This can be inconvenient for the most popular accounts due to the high number of requests of this type that they could receive, which could end up as spam.

When the tweet is published, it is shared with the followers of both accounts and both profile images appear in the upper left of the post.

For now it is unknown when this new function will be available to all users, in fact, it may never go beyond the development phase, as has happened with other interesting tools tested by Twitter. However, the fact that the same resource already exists on Instagram could motivate the news platform to release the co-authors in their final version.

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