Friday, December 9

Twitter debuts a feature that brings it closer to TikTok | Digital Trends Spanish

Is TikTok the new queen bee of social networks? It seems that even Twitter couldn’t resist copying TikTok. Twitter’s latest feature announcement seems to be yet another indication that the viral video app sensation is clearly the new leader among its peers. After all, TikTok is setting trends and its competitors are following them.

Thursday, Twitter announced two new features focused on video for your app and one of those features bears a strong resemblance to TikTok. That feature (known as the “immersive media viewer”) allows users to open videos in a vertical “full screen mode,” just like TikTok, and continue watching more videos by swiping up (also like TikTok).

Twitter, Inc.

Twitter’s blog post announcement said that the immersive media viewer feature is expected to be “available in the coming days” for Twitter for iOS users using Twitter in English.

The second new video-focused feature that Twitter announced is a new video carousel that can be found in the Explore tab. Basically, it’s a section called “Videos for You” that displays a number of popular videos that you might want to watch. This feature is now available to “people in select countries who use Twitter in English on iOS and Android.”

Twitter is not the first social media platform to copy TikTok. Instagram is well known for trying to do this, only to be met with a lot of backlash. Facebook has also tried to play up to the success of TikTok with its own take on video content, Facebook Reels. And YouTube is pulling out all the stops for its creators to start making their short-form video content for YouTube with their own version of TikTok videos called Shorts.

One would think that Twitter would learn from Instagram’s mistakes. Especially since some of the backlash against Instagram’s TikTok-inspired changes found a home in the Birds app itself, as those who wanted to complain about the changes took to Twitter to do so.

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