Monday, July 26

Twitter, full of racist insults towards English players | Digital Trends Spanish

The fans of the English soccer team took to social media to vent all their frustration after losing the Euro Cup final to Italy.

The problem is that both Twitter and Instagram were filled with racist insults towards three players from the national team. They are Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka, who lost their shots on penalties.

Once the game ended, the accounts of the three footballers on both social networks were filled with hate messages related to their skin color, a situation that has continued to this day.

On an article from The Verge, a Twitter spokesperson pointed out that “abhorrent racist abuse targeting England players” had no place on the platform.

As a result of this unfortunate situation, the platform had to react and has already deleted more than a thousand racist tweets, in addition to suspending several accounts for violating the rules against harassment and hateful content.

“We have been proactively engaged and continue to collaborate with our partners in the football community to identify ways to collectively address this issue and will continue to play our role in curbing this unacceptable behavior, both online and offline.”

From Facebook they also commented that they had to act quickly by eliminating racist messages on the social network, and announced that they will take action “against those who break our rules.”

Meanwhile, on the white supremacy channels on Telegram, where the rules of moderation are not so strict, several more radical messages have appeared, including threats towards the affected footballers.

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