Thursday, October 6

Twitter honors Serena Williams with this emoji | Digital Trends Spanish

This Monday, August 29, the US Open starts, the last in the career of the best female tennis player of all time, Serena Williams. And for that, Twitter is honoring her with a special emoji and various hashtags.

Using any of the following hashtags in any of your Tweets will bring up a special ‘goat’ emoji wearing a tennis skirt and racket:

Serena is part of a exclusive group of athletes who have been honored with a hashmoji of ‘goat’ on Twitter, including captions like Tom Brady, Simone Billes, Cristiano Ronaldo Y Leo Messi.

And, as you probably know, @Serena Williams It’s amazing on Twitter. Learn some facts about the conversation on Twitter around her:

  • Serena is on her way to retire with more than 7M followers on Twitter.
    • With a career spanning more than 20 years, her fans are connecting with her more than ever – Serena ranked in the top 20 female athletes with the most new followers in 2021.
  • Her fans *really* consider her a #GOAT, well the goat emoji is the most used emoji in his Tweets, globally, so far in 2022 (even surpassing the 🎾 emoji).
  • @serenawilliams is the most mentioned account in tennis conversation worldwide, so far this year, and no. 1 when it comes to female tennis players.

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