Monday, May 16

Twitter launches function to avoid unwanted mentions | Digital Trends Spanish

Engaging in endless, pointless talk is part of the game on social media. Notifications abound, as threats, conspiracy theories and insults come and go. But Twitter has the answer, with a test feature called Unmentioning.

The tool was implemented for certain users on the desktop version of the microblogging platform. As its name indicates, it allows you to “disregard” yourself in unwanted, uncomfortable or irrelevant conversations.

It was the social network of the blue bird that announced the function through its account Twitter Safety, through which it shares security tools, resources, and updates. It all started with a question: “How do you say ‘don’t ravish me’ without saying ‘don’t ravish me’?”.

“We are experimenting with Unmentioning, a way to help you protect your peace and remove yourself from conversations, available now on the web for some of you,” he replied.

Judging by the animation that accompanied the tweet, it would be enough to go to the Notifications menu and then to the Mentions tab. Once there, a list of conversations in which the user was “snatched” will appear. By activating the drop-down menu of three dots on each one, it is possible to choose an option called Leave this conversation.

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