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Twitter makes it easy to find content in your direct messages | Digital Trends Spanish

Twitter announced that its direct message (DM) search feature has received a major update. From now on, people will be able to use keywords to search for content within messages. This is handy when someone remembers only part of a conversation, but doesn’t know when it happened or with which of their contacts it took place.

This will also save people time, since they won’t have to go through all the conversations to find the content they were looking for. It’s also an improvement on the previous update, which made searching easier but only based on the name of a person or group.

We know you’ve been waiting for the option to search your DMs…

Now you can use the search bar in your inbox to find specific messages using keywords and names.

— Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) March 23, 2022

At that time, the team in charge of the platform announced that a new improvement would soon be available; precisely, it was the one that was recently launched.

For now it has not been explained if this new option can be applied to the entire history of direct messages or will only work for the most recent DMs. A good way to find out is to try looking for some topic or content in the oldest conversations.

According to Twitter, this new direct message search system is already being implemented both in the web version and in the iOS and Android mobile application. The social network also explains that if a user still does not perceive this change, it is likely that they will receive the update in the coming days.

In any case, the idea on the part of the platform is that all users can count on this new option in the coming weeks.

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