Saturday, August 13

Twitter now lets hosts record and share Spaces conversations in a tweet

Twitter Spaces hosts will now be able to record and share their broadcasts. The functionality is now being rolled out to a small number of Twitter Spaces hosts on iOS, with the rest of the hosts getting it “within a few weeks.”

The feature lets hosts record a Twitter Spaces conversation and share the recording in a tweet.

If a host has allowed recording, anyone who was late to a Twitter Spaces broadcast will now be able to replay it after the Spaces is over.

How recording on Spaces works

To turn on the functionality, hosts with early access to Spaces recording must toggle on “Record Space” before starting a new conversation.

During the show, everyone, including listeners, will see a recording symbol. The recording will be available to hosts for 30 days after the first broadcast, and they will be able to share and tweet it to their followers. Listeners will be able to playback recordings directly on their timeline, as well as share them.

The company said in a tweet “REC has started one feature you’ve been asking for is Spaces Recording and the ability to replay. Some hosts on iOS will now be able to record their Spaces and share it out to their audience. listeners on iOS and Android who can’t make it to the live Space can now catch up with the recording and jump in on the convo at any time.”

The recording will be available for a month, but hosts have the option to delete it at any moment. Twitter says it will still maintain a file for up to 120 days so it can check for hateful content that goes against its terms of service, in case people report a recording.