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Twitter Parents’ Guide: How to Join the Conversation | Digital Trends Spanish

This June 18 marks the Father’s dayY Twitter has a handy guide for parents to immerse themselves in the world of the birdie’s social network.

Twitter step by step

  1. Create your profile

CConnect with the topics that interest you most

Start following people and more on Twitter

If you are interested in meeting moms and women on the platform and joining their conversation, then this is the first step to connecting with them.

On twitter, To follow to someone means that you have chosen to subscribe to their updates. So when this person posts a new Tweet, they will appear on your Timeline.

Create or Follow Lists

A Ready is a filter that shows only the Tweets of the accounts included in it. You can create your own Lists or subscribe to Lists created by other people.


follow a Theme It allows you to stay informed about what’s happening and see more relevant content, including Tweets, events, and announcements about it.

There are 2 ways to follow a Topic:

  • As you scroll through your Home Timeline, we may suggest a Topic for you to follow.
  • From the Themes menu, go to more topics and press Plus. There will be a pop-up window with options. click on Topics.


Communities is a way to find people who want to talk about the same things as you and easily connect with them. Each Community has a Creator and Moderators to keep the experience healthy, active and informative. The Creator manages the rules Community, and Moderators help monitor Tweets, hide and actively report those that violate the rules.

How to be part of a Community on Twitter

  • Through an invitation from the Moderator or another member of the same.
  • Directly in the Community, by selecting

Your Tweets in your Community will be publicly visible on:

  • The Chronology of your Community.
  • The Chronology of the members of your Community, Moderators or Administrators.
  • By directly sharing the link to the Tweet.

Only members of the same Community can reply and join the conversation, so it stays intimate and relevant.


In this tab you will find the topics that are being talked about the most at that moment. The ones that appear in For You are personalized according to the accounts you follow, your interests and your location, while the general ones show what is being talked about in your region.

  1. Let’s Tweet!

Your Tweets can contain photos, videos, links and text. These messages are posted on your profile, sent to your followers and can also be found via Twitter search. And, if you need more than one Tweet to express what you want or tell a great anecdote, the Threads they allow you to connect multiple Tweets to each other.


#Hashtags are used to categorize topics on Twitter, allowing people to easily follow the conversations that matter most to them.

When you tap one, you’ll see other Tweets that include that same symbol. The examples are multiple.


The spaces they are live audio conversations on Twitter. Anyone using an iOS or Android device can create, join and listen.

Voice Tweets

From Twitter, we are testing the option of tweet audio messages from the Twitter for iOS app, making it easy to share what’s on your mind while you’re on the go.

Take control of your Twitter experience

Don’t forget to check the Terms of Service and the twitter rules to have the best experience. There are also a number of features that let people control how other accounts on the platform can interact.

  • Choose which Tweets you see by clicking this ✨ icon. You can quickly and easily choose whether to view Featured Tweets or Most Recent Tweets on your Timeline.
  • You decide who can reply to your Tweets – when you Tweet, you can choose whether anyone can reply, only those you follow or mention.
  • Block: Accounts you block can’t follow you, and you can’t follow an account you’ve blocked.
  • Mute a person: Allows you to remove an account’s Tweets from your Timeline without unfollowing or blocking that account.
  • Mute words: you can also mute specific words or Hashtags… ideal to avoid spoilers!

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