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Twitter promises less pixelated videos on its platform | Digital Trends Spanish

Twitter has ensured that the videos that users upload from now on will have a better quality thanks to the incorporation of a new system that allows them to be seen less pixelated.

It is an update of the application, which is available from Friday, September 24, and that improves the quality of the video, as announced by the social network.

According to an article published in The Verge, this improvement in the quality of the content is due to the withdrawal of a pre-processing step that was carried out to divide the videos into smaller and more actionable parts, which ended up reducing their quality.

Twitter has also pointed out that this new processing will only apply to new videos and not to those that have already been published on the platform.

Although the social network has not indicated what is the recommended resolution for videos after the last update, it has promised “a better viewing experience.”

Currently, Twitter is one of the most popular social networks that exist and has 353 million registered users.

However, one of the most recurrent criticisms made of the platform was the way it presented audiovisual content, such as images and videos.

For this reason, the company seems to have reacted to user criticism and has announced this new update to increase the quality of the videos.

“Good news: we have made updates to improve the quality of the video. Starting today, the videos you upload to Twitter will appear less pixelated for a better viewing experience, ”says the platform.

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