Wednesday, December 7

Twitter, Sergi Arola, Eto’o and Kiko Matamoros enter the list of defaulters with the Treasury

The debtors with the Treasury that appear on the public list are doubled. The chef Sergi Arola, the former soccer player Samuel Eto’o, the television personality Kiko Matamoros and Twitter have entered the list of defaulters published this Monday by the Tax Agency.

As a novelty before the entry into force of the Anti-Fraud Law, in this publication the joint limit of debts and penalties drops from one million to 600,000 euros, which implies that a higher number of debtors and debt appear in this list in compared to previous years. In addition, not only the main debtors are expressly included in the list, but also, and as a novelty, the jointly and severally liable parties.

The social network Twitter appears for the first time in the list of debtors to the Treasury. The American company owes the treasury 800,795 euros. In the first half of this year, Twitter reported income of 1,011.7 million euros, although its net profit was only 55.8 million euros. The multinational was greatly affected by the pandemic and the fall in advertising revenues, declaring losses of 1,171 million euros in 2020.

The one who was the right hand and partner of Iñaki Urdangarin, the husband of the Infanta Cristina de Borbón, implicated in the corruption case in the Noos case, appears on the list of defaulters with the Treasury with a debt of more than 956,000 euros. Torres has had numerous problems with the Treasury since his affairs were discovered in the consulting company that he managed with Urdangarin. He was convicted of embezzlement, prevarication and fraud against the Administration.

The chef Sergi Arola, who has had numerous problems with the Treasury, has a debt with the Treasury that exceeds 985,000 euros; ex-footballer Samuel Eto`o, who played for Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, ​​has yet to pay 981,598 euros, while the red numbers of the heart-to-heart comedian Kiko Matamoros reach 711,633 euros.

Another of the characters that appear on the list of defaulters is Bartolomé Cursach, known for being considered the owner of the Palma night, well related to the PP, and being accused of corrupting an entire island. This millionaire, who came to preside over Mallorca and own the rights to soccer stars like Samuel Eto`o, has a tax debt of more than 950,000 euros.

In the real estate field, there are several companies linked to Polaris World, the vacation mega-complex that embodied the brick boom and which went into liquidation a year ago. The list includes a dozen companies with the name Polaris, totaling more than 200 million euros. In addition, there are companies with other names (for example, Baltus) with more than 60 million additional euros.

Another company that enters the list published this Monday by the Tax Agency is Globalia Travel Club, with more than 20.9 million euros. Last April, the National Court ordered the company to return 17.49 million euros to the treasury, in VAT for the years 2010 and 2011 of Travelplan, its wholesale division. During those years, the group did not present VAT settlements for Globalia Travel Club Spain, understanding that, being domiciled in the Canary Islands, it was exempt from paying said tax.

At the head of the list of tourist defaulters is Hoteles Manilva, which, for yet another year, repeats on the list as one of the Spanish companies that accumulates the largest amount of debt in the tourism sector. In the last list it appears that the Malaga company accumulates a total of 23.3 million in debt, the same figure as last year. The airline Spanair, which ceased operations at the end of 2012 and owes the Treasury 7.15 million euros, also repeats at the top of the list.

Precisely, Ángel de Cabo, considered the front man of the former CEO of Spanair, Gerardo Díaz Ferrán, appears on the list with a debt of more than 9.1 million euros. Last September, the Castellón Court annulled Ángel de Cabo’s acquittal and put him back on the bench for defrauding the Treasury.

As for the Ciudad Real airport, whose construction cost about 450 million euros, it accumulates a debt with the Treasury of 3.45 million euros. The debt belongs to the former owners of the airfield, not the current ones. The list also includes Air Comet for another year, with a debt of 13.9 million to the Treasury, a company whose flight license was withdrawn at the end of 2009 due to insolvency, leaving 24,000 affected (equivalent to 45,000 routes sold undone). Among other companies that remain on the list, Iberoworld Airlines (formerly Orbest) stands out, with a debt of 7.2 million, owned by the tourist group Orizonia Travel Group, which owes 3.9 million euros to the treasury. Also repeats on the list Gadair European Airlines (1.33 million).

Several of the subsidiaries of the defunct Orizonia group appear on the list of defaulters: Viajes Iberia (8.1 million), Viajes Iberojet Transcontinental (1.74 million) and Iberotravel Vacations Holding (1.72 million). Vialmar Galicia enters the list with 3.5 million debt.

Repeating names

The list of defaulters of the Tax Agency remains headed by the real estate Reyal Urbis, which has lowered its debt by one million euros compared to the last classification, and owes the treasury 340 million euros. In the case of people, Teresa Maldonado Taillefer also repeats at the top of the ranking, with red numbers of 15.69 million.

Among those who remain on the list of defaulters are Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti, who maintains his overdraft of 1.4 million; former banker Mario Conde, who has reduced his debt with the treasury by more than 540,000 euros, to 7.8 million; and the former president of Bankia convicted of the Black Rodrigo Rato cards, with 1.39 million.

They also follow the actress Paz Vega, who appears on the list of defaulters with her real name María Paz Campos Trigos, and owes the Treasury 3 million euros, the same amount with which she appeared in the previous list; or the writer César Vial, with a debt of more than 2.6 million; While the television presenter Patricia Conde, who managed to lower her deficit with the treasury from 1.9 million to 1.1 million, now appears with a debt of 1.03 million.

Debtors in politics

Active politicians also appear on the list. Ismael Torres Miras, mayor of Huércal de Almería, of the PP, owes 916,625 euros to the Tax Agency. Miras is in his second stage at the head of the council of this Almeria town of 18,000 inhabitants, since he already held from 2015 to 2018. Before he was councilor for urban planning.

Also in the political field, a city council appears on the list, the Madrid city of San Fernando de Henares, with a debt of more than 737,000 euros. And, in this same region, the United Left formation of the Community of Madrid, with more than 885,000 euros.

Among the exits from the list of defaulters is the home delivery company Glovo, considered by the investment it has raised to date as a Spanish “unicorn”, it was released in the previous list of defaulters with a debt of 1.4 million euros, which has paid off for what disappears from this shameful classification. The Estudiantes basketball club has also left, which has had to pay a good pinch to the State coffers because its debt amounted to 4,056,477 euros or the vice president of Sevilla FC, José María del Nido Carrasco, who had an overdraft of 1.7 million and has left the list of defaulters of the Treasury.

The eighth list of defaulters

The eighth list of defaulters of the Tax Agency includes a total of 7,277 debtors of more than 600,000 euros with the Treasury as of August 31, 2021, while the global amount of debts collected in the new list reaches 18,200 million euros, according to sources of the Tax Agency.

In the last list published by the AEAT there were 3,869 debtors who owed more than one million euros to the Treasury as of December 31, 2020, 1.6% less compared to the previous list, while the global amount of debts reached 14,100 million euros, 1% less than in the previous one when falling in about 100 million.

Of the total of 7,277 debtors that appear in this last list, 1,367 are natural persons for an amount of 2,081 million euros (in the previous list there were 312 for an amount of 673 million euros) and 5,910 are legal persons for an amount of 16,150 million (compared to to 3,557 of the last list of June and 13,426 million).

Of the total amount, more than 7,200 million euros, 40% of the total, corresponds to debtors in bankruptcy proceedings (more than 2,176 debtors, 30% of the total) and, therefore, it is debt affected by a process in which the possibilities of effective collection of debts are limited while the bankruptcy process itself lasts.

Information prepared by Cristina G. Bolinches, Carlos del Castillo and Rodrigo Ponce de León