Saturday, December 10

Twitter starts offering NFTs: for now for profile pictures and only for Twitter Blue subscribers

Last March Jack Dorsey, ex-CEO of Twitter, sold the first tweet in history as an NFT. That bet on non-fungible tokens it was validated again in September, when the social network announced that it would start offering them natively.

That promise has been fulfilled: Twitter now lets you authenticate profile photos as NFTs. The option is only available to subscribers of the Twitter Blue service, and displays those images with a hexagon with rounded corners.

My profile picture is an authenticated NFT, yours is not.

While many NFT owners already displayed such digital images on their profile pictures, the new Twitter Blue feature will now display an icon indicating that the NFT has been authenticated and that the person who owns that account is also the official owner of that digital asset.

The profile photo, which will be displayed with a hexagon with rounded corners, will be visible to the rest of the users with that format, thus creating that distinction between ones and others.

The option is “under active development”, and it is not clear yet if it will end up being launched massively to all types of users.

The Twitter Blue service launched in June 2021 and is currently only available in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It has a cost of 2.99 dollars (US) per month, and offers other enhancements over conventional service.

Via | Engadget