Wednesday, January 26

Twitter tests in the US a simple way to report tweets | Digital Trends Spanish

Twitter is testing a new way for users to report tweets that follow the rules of this social network.

Until now, the platform forced users who wanted to report a publication, to choose from a list that offered several alternatives, some of them considered confusing by people.

The new system that tests Twitter with a small number of users in the United States allows people to explain why they consider that a tweet can be classified as offensive.

This method is called symptoms-first, and it replaces the complex form with a question from Twitter asking what is going on.

This new form is based a bit on the procedure of doctors who when receiving a new patient do not ask what problem they have, but where, assuming that there is already something that affects them.

“In times of urgency, people need to be heard and feel supported. Asking them to open the medical dictionary and saying, ‘Point out the only thing that’s your problem’ is something people are not going to do, ”Brian Waismeyer, a Twitter data scientist who works on the new reporting feature, said in a statement. .

“If they are going to seek help, what they are going to do well is describe what is happening to them at that moment,” he adds.

From now on, the moderators of the platform will be in charge of interpreting the rules of coexistence to interpret if any of them have not been met.

The company wants this to report a publication to be something much more direct, simple and less frustrating for the user.

At the same time, it would help to incorporate more information into a report, which would allow the platform to make a better decision or incorporate knowledge to improve the user experience in this service.

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