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Twitter wants paid direct messages to celebrities | Digital Trends Spanish

In what appears to be another effort to help Twitter generate income at the beginning of his Elon Musk erathe social media platform is working on paid direct messages (DMs), with a particular emphasis on paid messages sent to celebrities.

Thursday, The New York Times published a report in which he mentioned that according to internal documents he saw and “two people with job knowledge,” Twitter was working on a paid DM feature that would allow users to message celebrities for a fee. The fee structure for this feature has apparently not yet been officially finalized, but The Times noted that it could be “as little as a few dollars per direct message.”

Some more details about the feature in progress were also shared in the report:

  • Twitter would likely receive a portion of the fees.
  • These paid messages may “appear in a special area of ​​your direct message inbox.” Celebrities would have to choose to receive such messages.

And as with other features in progress, the report also noted that “there is no guarantee that the product will be released.” Whether it launches or not, the attempt to create a paid DM feature is a clear bid to quickly generate revenue after Musk’s expensive deal to buy the platform.

And it’s not the only feature geared toward creating new revenue streams: Twitter’s Musk era, which began last week, has already seen a number of proposed/in-progress changes to the popular microblogging platform, including a revamped Twitter Blue with a new (higher) subscription price, paid verification badges, and even paid videos. None of these changes are live yet, but Twitter is working on them.

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