Friday, June 9

Twitter will only recommend the accounts of paying users

The owner of Twitter, the businessman Elon Musk, has announced that, as of April 15, only verified accounts on the social network, that is, those that pay a fee, may be recommended to other users. Musk published a tweet on Tuesday in which he announced these new measures that involve a reorganization of the so-called “Twitter Blue”, a rating that is applied to accounts that pay a fee to achieve verification and thus obtain a blue mark.

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The South African businessman affirms that the measure is the only realistic way to approach the control of the swarms of Artificial Intelligence ‘bots’ that interfere in the network through content generated automatically by means of computer programs.

In addition, Twitter is asking non-paying users to disable two-step verification, meaning they unprotect their account. It will also become exclusive for users who pay for this security mechanism that requires entering two permissions on two different devices in order to manage a profile.

The measure, according to the CEO of Twitter, also implies that only verified subscribers will be able to vote in the polls carried out on the popular social network.

In this way, accounts that do not pay fees to the company will not be included in the flow of tweets that are recommended to other users on the network.

Twitter profiles currently pay about 7 dollars (6.5 euros) per month to obtain the blue mark on their accounts, which guarantees that it is a verified profile and that gives access to additional functions on the network.

The initiative comes just two days after Musk assured his employees in an internal note that the company’s value has dropped to $20 billion, less than half the $44,000 he paid for his purchase last October. .

The billionaire, who since his arrival at Twitter has reduced his staff by almost a quarter and has sold much of the furniture at the San Francisco headquarters, has not been able to avoid losing a large number of advertisers, the company’s main source of income. , and its new paid “Twitter Blue” doesn’t seem to have improved things either.