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Twitter will show a preview of Instagram links | Digital Trends Spanish

Twitter has just introduced a new feature that allows previews of Instagram content that users share through a link in a tweet.

With this new tool, people can access a “preview” of the publication without having to click.

Through its Twitter account, Instagram reported that the card previews began to be available on Wednesday, November 3. The platform has shown what this function looks like in its application for mobile devices.

They said it would never happen… Twitter Card previews start rolling out TODAY. 👀

Now, when you share an Instagram link on Twitter a preview of that post will appear. 🙌

& mdash; Instagram (@instagram) November 3, 2021

How does it work?

From now on, when a person shares an Instagram post on Twitter or simply pastes a link on the social network, a kind of card will be displayed that shows part of the content to be published.

This includes a thumbnail image, the profile of the content author and an indication that explains the type of content (if it is a Reel, for example).

“The integration of Instagram photos in Twitter disappeared in 2012, and neither social network has had a great incentive to use preview cards in the years since,” notes a post by Engadget where this new function is discussed.

“Twitter prefers that you post the photos directly on their service, while Instagram has clear motivations for you to continue using their platform whenever possible.”

The good news is that users will now be able to assess whether or not to access an Instagram link posted on Twitter by looking at some of the post content displayed in the preview.

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