Wednesday, July 6

Twitter will warn more strongly about misinformation | Digital Trends Spanish

The security and integrity team of Twitter announced this Thursday, May 19, that will harden his warnings about disinformation in times of crisis, such as situations of armed conflict, public health emergencies and natural disasters.

“To reduce potential harm, as soon as we have evidence that a claim may be misleading, we will not amplify or recommend content that is covered by this policy on Twitter, including in the Home, Search and Explore timeline. Additionally, we will prioritize adding warning notices to Tweets and highly visible Tweets from high-profile accounts, such as state-affiliated media accounts, verified official government accounts,” said Yoel Roth, head of security and integrity for the social network.

What content will have warnings:

  • False coverage or reports of events, or information that mischaracterizes conditions on the ground as a conflict evolves;
  • False accusations about the use of force, incursions into territorial sovereignty or around the use of weapons;
  • Demonstrably false or misleading accusations of war crimes or mass atrocities against specific populations;
  • False information about the response of the international community, sanctions, defensive actions or humanitarian operations.

This is what the warning will look like:

Strong comments, efforts to discredit or fact-check, and personal anecdotes or first-person accounts are not allowed. within the scope of the policy.

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