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Twitter’s option with NFTs and effects for intellectual property

The option to authenticate profile photos as NFTs could have effects on intellectual property rights. At the moment, this option is only available to users of Twitter Blue, a premium Twitter service for which you have to pay $2.99 ​​per month. The implementation makes it possible to differentiate those who use their own NFT as a profile picture, from those who simply put an image of any NFT as a profile picture. That is, it allows to certify the ownership of the NFTs that users place in their profile photos.

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Twitter NFTs and Intellectual Property

At the moment, the only use of this implementation is to identify users who actually have NFTs. However, the fact of associating the Twitter account with our crypto wallet and, consequently, with the blockchain, may have many more applications in the future. For example, if all photos or videos uploaded to Twitter are associated with an NFT, greater control over image rights could be established.

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If I upload a video to Twitter of a fire that is happening in front of my house as an NFT and then a television network uses it, I could prove that this video is mine, since it would be registered in the blockchain. However, we will still have to wait a while to be able to do this type of implementation.

NFTs arrive on Twitter

A small tutorial, uploaded by the Twitter account itself yesterday, shows that the process to verify an NFT is quite simple. You simply have to select edit profile, click on the photo hole and instead click on upload photo, select choose NFT. Once this option is chosen, it will allow us to connect our crypto wallet. Among the options that Twitter currently offers are the Coinbase Wallet, Rainbow, Metamask, Trust, Argent, and Ledger Live. We select the NFT that we want as a profile photo and, automatically, our profile photo will change its shape to a hexagon instead of the traditional circle.

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Protesta de Elon Musk

The answers about this implementation have not been long in coming. One of the most notorious has been that of the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk. Musk, who has criticized the platform for spending resources on implementing tools of this type instead of on more important issues.

The CEO of Tesla has not liked the innovation of the little bird’s social network. Is Twitter spending engineering resources on this, while cryptocurrency scammers are hosting a spambot block party on every thread?” Musk wrote.

Elon Musk was referring to the thousands of bots that try to impersonate “Crypto Influencers” through fake accounts, trying to deceive and defraud other users. In fact, the Tesla CEO’s own account was hacked in 2020, one of the biggest cyberattacks in memory on the well-known social network.

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User responses

User reactions to Elon Musk’s Tweet were immediate. In particular, most criticized Musk’s hypocrisy. “You know what’s annoying? The richest and so-called wisest man in the world, investing and talking about a dog meme coin all the time, instead of talking about better instruments and projects on the blockchain! You remember? This is annoying! And you came here to say what?”, highlighted a user on Twitter.

Other people, such as Lavern Spicer, the US Republican candidate, or the popular youtuber, Dross, urged Elon to buy Twitter and make “a good platform again.”

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