Tuesday, June 6

Two 12-year-old girls die after falling out of a window in Oviedo

Two 12-year-old girls died this Friday morning when they fell out of a fourth-story window on Facetos street, in Oviedo.

The young women, who were twin sisters of Russian nationality, fell out of the window around 9:30 in the morning and the emergency services went to the scene shortly after. The City Council has declared two days of official mourning and the Popular Party has canceled all the events it had planned.

“It is a tragic event in which it seems that there has been no intervention by third parties,” reported the police inspector Pedro Aguado, who also explained that when the emergency services arrived at the scene, nothing could be done to save the life of the two girls.

The third brother, ten years old, was at the time of the events at the La Ería school, where the mayor of Oviedo, Alfredo Canteli, went after passing through Facetos street.


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