Friday, December 9

Two activists stick to the frames of Goya’s ‘Las Majas’ paintings at the Prado Museum

Two activists from Futuro Vegetal have stuck this Saturday to the frames of the paintings of ‘The Naked Maja’ and ‘The Dressed Maja’ by Francisco de Goya exhibited at the Prado National Museum in Madrid as a sign of protest against the climate emergency .

In the middle of both paintings they have written the message ‘+1.5ΒΊ’ to “warn about the rise in global temperature that will cause an unstable climate and serious consequences throughout the planet.”

In the video shared by the organization, the two activists can be seen glued to the paintings while the security woman tries to prevent photos or recordings from being taken, at the same time that she informs that the room is going to be vacated and the police are called. policeman.

This protest adds to others that have occurred in recent weeks, such as that of two environmentalists who threw tomato soup at Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’, exhibited at the National Gallery in London.