Wednesday, November 30

Two Andalusian councilors watch football in the middle of the Budget debate while the head of the Treasury intervenes

Part of the 68,150.30 gross euros that José Antonio Nieto, Minister of Justice of Andalusia, and Jorge Paradela Gutiérrez, head of Industry, will earn this year, will earn them by watching the Spanish soccer team thrash Costa from their seat in the regional Parliament Delicious. Just like what is happening in high school classrooms among schoolchildren – whose cell phones have been confiscated by the teachers to neutralize the soccer temptation – the two members of Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla’s Executive have preferred to watch the game on their laptop than listen to their own colleague, Minister of Finance, Carolina España, during her speech.

The image of Nieto and Paradela watching La Roja has been released by the spokesperson for the Socialist Group, Ángeles Férriz. “Here the Ministers of Justice and Industry, very attentive and interested in the intervention of their colleague, the Minister of Finance, in the midst of a debate on the Andalusian budgets… Does Andalusia deserve this?”, the socialist leader tweeted.

Férriz has also denounced that in the internal circuit of televisions of the regional Parliament, instead of offering the Plenary of Budgets, the World Cup game was being broadcast: “And what is on the screens of the Parliament halls during the most important debate in Andalusia, the budget debate? INCREDIBLE!!! The Councilors watching the World Cup in plenary session and now this? But is this serious? But have they lost their minds with the absolute majority?

The Minister of Justice, José Antonio Nieto, He later explained on Twitter: “I couldn’t resist looking for a second at the line-up of our team in the debut of the World Cup.” “As you can see, the game hadn’t even started. I am sorry if anyone has felt offended and all my support for the team, ”he added.

Sources from the Andalusian Chamber assure that the party has been seen at times by members of various parliamentary groups, who occasionally turned on their mobile phones to follow the result.

“Budget debate. One of the most important debates on the session calendar and this is what two Councilors do ”, the socialist deputy Alicia Murillo has tweeted on her behalf.

Singing goals in Congress

Football has also slipped into the Congress of Deputies today, according to the reproach that the socialist deputy Sònia Guerra López has made to the PP bench from the speaker’s tribune: “Ladies of the Popular Party, they are so interested in social rights that while your spokesperson speaks you sing the goals of the Spanish National Team. That is the respect they have for Spanish citizens”.

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