Monday, August 15

Two baby lynx killed in the province of Jaén

Two young lynx have been run over on the JA-6104, between the Jaén towns of Vilches and Linares, in one of the areas of the province of Jaén where there is a greater presence of specimens of this protected species.

As reported from 112 to Europa Press, it was an individual who called at 9.50 am on Thursday to alert of the presence of the corpses of two baby lynx on the road, four kilometers from the Vadollano crossing.

Since 112, the Endangered Species Recovery Center (CREA), the Local Police and the Civil Guard were notified, whose agents confirmed the death of the two animals.

The two corpses will undergo the corresponding autopsy to confirm the cause of death.

The population of the Iberian lynx in Andalusia has achieved a record of specimens in 2020, which reinforces the Andalusian community as a benchmark in the conservation of this species. The 2020 census prepared by the Life Lynxconnect Project, led by the Junta de Andalucía, indicates that the lynx population has grown by 10.7 percent to 506 specimens distributed over an area that exceeds 1,600 square kilometers. This represents an increase of 49 lynxes compared to the 2019 figures.

This increase of 10.7 percent of the total population in Andalusia is mainly due to the demographic increase registered in the Guarrizas valley, where the number of census specimens has risen more than 40 percent and historical highs have been reached with 140 copies.

The threats that this species continues to face are low genetic diversity, the availability of prey – a decrease in the population of rabbits as their main livelihood – and unnatural mortality – mainly run over.