Monday, May 29

Two fires with more than 300 hectares burned threaten homes and force to cut a highway in Pontevedra

Two fires burning out of control in the province of Pontevedra have caused the alert due to their proximity to homes and an industrial estate. One of them has also forced to cut traffic on the A-52, the Autovía das Rías Baixas, as it passes through A Cañiza, the Ministry of Rural Environment has reported.

Feijóo’s successor in the Xunta moves away from the thesis of the plot of arsonists that prevails in the PP

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The first of the fires began at dawn from Friday to Saturday in the parish of Mourentán in the municipality of Arbo and has already destroyed some 300 hectares, according to the estimates of the Xunta, which maintains activated situation two alert due to the proximity from the fire to the houses of the village of As Searas. The mayor, Horacio Gil, said on Saturday that it had not been necessary for the moment to evacuate the neighbors.

Another fire started around 1:00 a.m. this Sunday in the Oroso parish of the A Cañiza City Council. The flames are approaching an industrial estate, so situation two has been activated in this case as well. In addition, traffic has been cut on the A-52 as it passes through this municipality. The highway is the connection through the south of Galicia with the Meseta. This fire has so far burned about 10 hectares.

Within the province of Pontevedra, the Xunta reports another fire. The flames began in the parish of Padróns, in Ponteareas, on Saturday night and the area burned is currently 20 hectares. In its latest update, the Xunta reports that a fire that burned 200 hectares in Castrelo de Miño (Ourense) is under control.

Most of the territory of Galicia is at extreme risk of fires, according to the map prepared by the Xunta. After the enormous fires that have devastated tens of thousands of hectares since mid-July in the mountains of O Courel and Valdeorras and which have become the largest since there are records, the weather returns to combine heat this weekend, absence of rain and strong winds.