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Two galaxies hidden by stardust have been discovered | Digital Trends Spanish

An international team of astronomers discovered two galaxies that existed in a period of the universe close to the Big Bang.

Valentino González, an astronomer from the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the University of Chile, pointed out:

“We discovered two galaxies that had an impressive amount of dust, they were literally hidden / covered from a normal optical observation, that is why it was thanks to the ALMA radio observatory, with its sophisticated equipment, that we were able to discover them.”

Stardust is a set of particles made up of various chemical compounds, which can be found in almost all galaxies.

University of Chile.

However, their formation takes time and is not expected to be as abundant at the 700 million years of the universe (which is the time in which these two objects are estimated to have existed).

According to the researchers, another element that draws attention is the fact that they were two galaxies.

“This opens the question of how many more galaxies are out there hidden, now we dare to think that this is not an isolated case. In addition, it opens up another question for us, how did these galaxies accumulate so much dust in such a short time ”, adds González.

This finding was made possible by the ALMA observatory, one of the largest and most powerful radio observatories on Earth.

The study was carried out through the REBELS project, which is part of the ALMA Large Program, and 70 hours of observation were invested in it.

The discovery of these galaxies hidden by dust is one of the first published results of this project.

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