Monday, September 26

Two of the most used metal detectors can be hacked | Digital Trends Spanish

Two of the most widely used metal detectors in the world can be hacked and tampered with, revealed a study published by Cisco cybersecurity researchers.

According to specialists, Garrett PD 6500i and Garrett MZ 6100 metal detectors can be hacked to alter their sensitivity, render them inoperative, or to execute code that modifies their operation.

Garrett is one of the leading manufacturers of metal detectors, which is why its products are used in airports, schools, courts, prisons, event centers and government buildings. So chances are, at some point in your life you’ve been searched with a Garrett-made metal detector.

Cisco experts point out that the security flaws were found in the Garrett iC module, responsible for the online functions of the Garrett PD 6500i and Garrett MZ 6100 detectors.

“An attacker can manipulate this module to have remote access to the detector’s statistics, revealing data such as when the alarm sounded or how many visitors have been checked by the detector,” warn the specialists.

“Manipulating the module can also lead to changes to the configuration, altering the level of sensitivity of the device, which poses a potential risk to the safety of users who pass through these detectors,” they add.

Cisco reported that it shared its findings with Garrett in order for the manufacturer to update its devices to correct the security flaw.

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