Friday, February 3

Two police officers die in a guerrilla attack on a Colombian governor

Two police officers were killed when a commando of dissident guerrillas attacked the caravan of cars that was transporting a Colombian governor, authorities reported this Saturday.

“We condemn the cowardly terrorist action that took the lives of our patrolmen William Echeverría and Miguel Bernal today,” Police Director General Jorge Vargas said on Twitter.

The uniformed men “watched over the safety of the governor’s caravan” from the department of Caquetá (south), said the police high command.

The authorities did not say if the attack was with shots or explosives.

The state Ombudsman’s Office reported that Governor Arnulfo Gasca was the victim of an “attack” by the guerrillas who did not accept the 2016 peace agreement.

“We reject the attack by the FARC dissidents against the caravan of the governor of Caquetá @GascaArnulfo in the village of Las Palmeras in the municipality of La Montañita,” added the entity that watches over human rights.

The government reported that the 68-year-old conservative politician and other officials who accompanied him “are fine.” Three other police officers were injured.

Caquetá is a former stronghold of the former Marxist FARC guerrilla. Its ex-combatants who did not lay down their arms operate there profiting from drug trafficking.

In October 2021, the governor of the neighboring department of Meta, Juan Guillermo Zuluaga, escaped unscathed from two sniper and explosive attacks while on the move in rural areas.

During the armed conflict, the former FARC attacked the political leaders who ruled in their areas of influence.