Monday, May 16

Two securities with a star and tour in the Continuous Market

The company formerly known as Dogi has been among the best of the year in 2022. Specifically, the value moves with advances of 16.4% in the midst of the new rebound after the scare of the stock market situation that is not the best in these times. Advances that come after the falls in value by more than 21% last year, but in which, as we will see, it was already pointing ways.

New Textile Expression It has just entered fully into the world of luxury garments, with the purchase of the Portuguese firm Keupe. An operation valued at around 225,000 euros which also means the possibility for the company to increase its production capacity, around 20%. It is also its third purchase in the country after the acquisition of SICI93 and Playvest.

The idea of ​​the company is to develop collections with greater added value and also more quantity within the luxury market. Its order book as of last September rose no less than 250% vs. previous year

A direct commitment to luxury that has been consolidating for more than half a year, after abandoning fast fashion and focusing on premium. Something that leads it to increase its advances in the last 20 trading sessions by 15% despite the strong setback suffered by the value, with falls of more than 4.1% at the opening of the week.

Nextil also plans to open in two and a half years a new R&D center in La Coruña with an area of ​​12,000 square meters and with an investment of 35 million euros.

Nextil annual value quote

Arcelor Mittal’s stainless steel subsidiary moves like a fish in water in the market, despite the fact that, as a cyclical value, between the FED and Ukraine it has been seen undermined by investors with falls of more than 12.5% ​​in three sessions. But the prospect of recovery is taking hold on the stock, which continues to maintain a positive bias since the beginning of the year.

In its price graph we see that the value, after yesterday’s rebound, regains strength with annual advances of 5% that also break with the gains of more than 3% of the last session the downward trend that had settled in the value.

In terms of recommendations, the one of Deutsche Bank in this month of January on the value. It is his favorite in Spain, with buy bet about the value and target price raised to 67 euros per share from the previous ones. That gives the value a market potential of 33%

Consider the German firm that Aperam will maintain and elevate the success story that it stars in as, let’s remember, in 2021, it gained 44.6% amid support for cyclical stocks at this market time. consider thatthat its free cash flow will reach 1,000 million this year, even in the first months of the exercise.

For your part the market consensus gives it a target price of 56.90 euros per share with buy recommendation for the eight firms that currently hedge their shares.

From Jefferies they expect their earnings per share in their fiscal year 2022 to reach 8.84 euros per share, with advances since its previous estimate. As for the fiscal year 2023, his forecast is a profit per share of 6.88 euros.

Aperam annual value quote

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