Saturday, February 24

Two Spanish tourists die in a balloon accident in Turkey’s Cappadocia

Two Spanish citizens have died this Tuesday, and three others have been injured, when the hot air balloon in which they were making a tourist excursion in the Cappadocia region, in central Turkey, fell to the ground, as reported by the Turkish authorities.

The balloon had taken off at around 7:25 local time (4:25 GMT) in the municipality of Avanos, with 28 tourists and two crew members on board, says a statement published on the website of the Nevsehir governor’s office, province to which which belongs to Cappadocia.

At 8:50, the balloon suffered the impact of a gust of wind that forced it to make a forced landing, in which two Spanish tourists have died and three others have been injured, the note adds.

The injured have been transferred to different hospitals in the region.

An administrative and judicial investigation should clarify the causes of the accident. According to the first investigations, there are indications that the incident was triggered by an unexpected gust of wind, the statement explains.

Personnel from the Spanish embassy in Ankara have traveled to the area to care for the survivors, sources from the diplomatic mission have told Efe.

Cappadocia, a mountainous region with interesting geological formations, is one of Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations, receiving 1.4 million visitors in the first six months of the current year.

Hot-air balloon excursions, which can cost around 200 euros per person, are one of the best-known tourism activities in the region.