Wednesday, February 21

Two towns confined by the Granada fire, which affects 4,000 hectares

The Junta de Andalucía has decreed level 1 of the Forest Fire Emergency Plan tonight due to the fire that has been active since last Thursday in the Los Guájares area (Granada), and the population centers of Acebuches and Ízbor have been confined.

Level 1, which has been activated shortly before 9:00 p.m. by the Andalusian Government delegate in Granada, Antonio Granados, is decreed in those fires that can be controlled with the means of extinction provided for in the Infoca Plan. due to its possible evolution, the need to implement measures for the protection of people and property.

The management of the plan has confined the towns of Acebuches and Ízbor, both belonging to the municipality of El Pinar, to guarantee safety in the area, the Andalusian Government has reported.

The mayor of El Pinar, Francisco Titos, to which these two population centers belong, has told EFE that there is great concern on the part of the neighbors – although there are 200 people registered, about 150 usually reside.

This situation has led the mayor himself to advise those neighbors who have a second residence or relatives with whom to spend the night to leave these towns voluntarily, which has already been done by more than a hundred, as he explained.

The rest, in some cases people with some type of disability or reduced mobility, have been asked to be located in case it is necessary to evict them over the next few hours.

In the area there are troops deployed for this Civil Protection and Motril Fire Station, whose action has not been necessary at the moment.

Titos has commented that at certain times tonight, coinciding with some eddies of wind and the fall of some ashes, there have been moments of “panic”, especially considering that the flames, although they are not close enough to the town enough to have to evict it, they are “perfectly visible”.

Regarding the situation of the roads, the GR-3204 from kilometers 10 to 24, in both directions, as well as the N-323, between the municipalities of Ízbor and Vélez de Benaudalla, from kilometers 165 to 178, remain closed to traffic. The fire, which has already affected some 4,000 hectares in four Granada municipalities between the regions of La Costa and Lecrín, began at noon last Thursday and is still active.

The members of the Infoca Plan continue to work to extinguish the flames in a terrain with a very complex orography and in which the meteorological conditions, especially the wind, do not help the control tasks, in which they are used tonight 180 forest firefighters, in addition to around twenty specialists, seven fire engines, five bulldozers, a meteorological unit, another medical unit and two analysis units.

After learning that level 1 and the confinement of two population centers have been decreed, the president of the Granada Provincial Council and provincial secretary of the PSOE, José Entrena, asked on Twitter if the arrival of ground and air reinforcements that this emergency declaration should not have been requested earlier.