Saturday, October 1

Two young Italian women denounce the treatment of the National Police in Valencia: “We feel scared and humiliated”

In the hospital, shocked and with two broken ribs due to the actions of the National Police. This is how Ambra Morelli, a 22-year-old Italian from Florence who studies psychology at the University of Padua, assures that she and a friend of hers, who were on vacation with other colleagues in Valencia, finished the morning of August 10 after leaving of a nightclub in the Marina of the Valencian capital.

As he relates on his Instagram profile, and later acknowledges in an interview with the newspaper The Republic, will never forget their last night in Spain, since they affirm that they were harassed and attacked by a group of young people, who first threw a shoe at them and then one of them rebuked them, insulted them, spat on them and even kicked their friend. All of this, she affirms, without any provocation and without anyone present – ​​she explains that there were still many people gathered, since it was at the exit of the disco – intervening to help them.

The events occurred while they were waiting for a taxi, around 4:00 in the morning. Apparently, and always according to her account, after the fight several patrol cars appeared and the police officers beat them and accused them of being drunk, “when it was we who were harassed and who asked for help.” Ambra assures that he felt “strong blows” on his body and points out that they told him that the agents also took out the baton: “We had our arms raised asking for help and saying that they had beaten us, but they threatened to handcuff us. We were scared, disappointed, alone and humiliated.” “I sought help from the Police, but I will never do it again,” he says in his statement to the Italian newspaper, adding that they tried to explain to the agents what had happened “but they did not listen to us. They gave us a push and we ended up on the ground, me with my face in the sand. They treated us like criminals and we started crying.”

As he explains in his account of the events, they managed to get out of that situation, although “we still don’t understand exactly how.” When the police left, those present tried to calm them down: “They told us that these things happen every day in Spain, even worse.” Taking into account her experience, the young psychology student advises those who read her to “be careful” if they travel to Spain and to “always keep a low profile”, while commenting that other young people told them: “This is how Spain works. Many people report and it has no effect”, so they decided not to report. Once in Italy, they told their families everything and decided to denounce these events in the media.

After these events, Ambra and her friend Matilde went to the hospital in pain to be treated, but decided not to file a complaint because they had to return home the next day, as she tells The Republic: “My nose bled and we went to the emergency room where they did a chest X-ray due to severe pain. I was told that she had bruises and two broken ribs.”