Thursday, December 9

Ualá launched its benefits program that allows you to accumulate points automatically

Pierpaolo mentioned that the program will focus on the areas: food, streaming and education, among others.

With this new initiative, the company strengthens its value proposition and seeks to reward the use of all the products offered by its financial ecosystem.

With the focus on continuing to improve the user experience, Ualá + will allow you to accumulate points immediately for each transaction made in the app and thus access the rewards offered by the program.

In addition, and as a differential, The proposal also reaches those over 13 years of age who use Ualá and entrepreneurs, small businesses and independent workers which cover through mPOS the payment link with Ualá Bis.

As users They use the card to make purchases, recharge services or sell through Ualá Bis, they accumulate points that allow them to level up within the platform. The points will be exchangeable for a wide variety of prizes, among which discount vouchers for future purchases stand out.

“At Ualá we are constantly looking to improve the value proposition for those who choose us and also so that more and more people join. Today we are very happy to launch Ualá +, which takes our proposal for promotions and alliances to the next level by putting the user at the center and offering better benefits for being part of Ualá ”, stated Martín Bellocq, Marketing Director of the company.

On the other hand, he stressed that “the important thing is that they will not have to pay anything to be part of this new program” and stressed that “25% of the country already has Ualá.”

It is The program will be available to all Ualá users and will be enabled in a phased manner. Those who want to access an exclusive version before the massive launch can sign up for the waiting list at

Four years after its launch in Argentina and one year after having successfully landed in the Mexican market, Ualá has consolidated itself as a financial ecosystem that allows access to a free international Mastercard card, make payments for services, invest in a common fund of investment, access personal loans, rate consumption, and contract insurance and assistance. In addition, through Ualá Bis it allows you to charge products and / or services through a payment link and mPOS.