Thursday, January 27

Ubisoft’s NFT ad gets showers of dislikes on YouTube

This week Ubisoft, game publisher giant, announced that it will enter the NFT market through the Quartz platform, which basically works as a platform for buying, selling and trading digital products in the company’s games. However, it seems that the gaming community didn’t really like the idea.

In the video posted last Tuesday, 7, the audience engagement has not been the best. With 135,000 views at the time of writing, the video has only 994 likes, which is a very small fee for a video of this size (even if it’s unlisted).


Even though YouTube has recently removed the Dislike rate from all videos on its platform o Video Games Chronicles stated that there were over 16,000 engagements with the video, which brings us to a dislike rate above 95%.

With the Quartz platform, Ubisoft intends to bring to the AAA (Large Producer Games) game market the “first platform for playable and energy-efficient NFTs for games.”

According to the trailer shown, these NFTs, called Digits, they are basically items from different games (the first will be from Ghost Recon) that the player can use on their characters during gameplay or simply collect and sell.

Ubisoft Quartz

Briefly, it’s the Steam Store, but on Blockchain, bringing more ease of use and a guarantee of exclusivity for your in-game items.

The platform will launch this week in beta for Ghost Recon on the PC version and will allow players to start purchasing these items, ranging from weapons and vehicles to unique aesthetic accessories that are marked by a serial number to purchase their exclusivity. .

With NFTs becoming popular, it is quite common that more and more other parts of different industries are trying to take advantage of this market. However, the idea is still very new to mainstream audiences and is sure to generate a backlash among many of them.