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UGREEN accessories that save you at all times | Digital Trends Spanish

I once told you about different devices that helped me make remote work more bearable. Now I want to tell you about the UGREEN accessories that can “save” you at certain times, such as when you are in your car or when you need a faster internet connection (via cable).

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UGREEN accessories that save you

car mount

Are you looking for a support that allows you to place your cell phone in the car and view the navigation app comfortably in order to reach your destination? The suction cup of this accessory is fixed firmly so that your mobile does not fall even when the road is unstable, while its adjustable arm can go up and down. It is recommended for computers ranging from 4.7 to 7.2 inches, that is, from the smallest to those with a large screen.


USB-C to Ethernet Adapter

USB-C to Ethernet adapter plugged into a silver laptop.

Is your wired connection stronger than wireless, but your computer or tablet doesn’t have an Ethernet jack? Do not worry, since this accessory connects to a USB-C port so that you can link the cable and, consequently, enjoy higher speeds. According to UGREEN, the device is compatible with various devices such as MacBook Pro, iPad Air, Surface Go, Chromebook, and even the Galaxy S21 smartphone.


Dual band network adapter

Dual-band network adapter next to other equipment, such as a laptop and smartphone.

Now, if what you require is that your computer equipment accepts the 5 GHz frequency, which usually has more capacity than the 2.4 GHz frequency, this network adapter, which looks like a flash drive, only requires one of its USB-A ports to offer you a better wireless internet connection. Check very well if your desktop or laptop device is compatible with this accessory.


USB-C to USB-C cable

USB-C to USB-C cable from the UGREEN brand in silver with black.

How about a cable that serves both to charge your PC and your mobile device? This USB-C to USB-C supports fast charging (compatible with the best standards) and transfer speeds of up to 480 Mbps, plus it has multi-layer shielding and various extensions, from 1 to 3 m.


Bluetooth transmitter and receiver

Bluetooth transmitter connected to a car, in which there is also a cell phone showing an incoming call.

For those looking to give a second wind to a conventional speaker or the old car radio, this accessory is a good solution, since it makes it easy to transmit audio from a computer, cell phone or tablet, for example. It has advances such as Bluetooth 5.0, a microphone for hands-free calls and a battery with a range of up to 480 minutes (charging via the USB-C cable). As if that were not enough, its design is modern and practical.



USB-C hub connected to a tablet, which is mounted on a desk.

This adapter for laptops, above all, requires a USB-C port, but in exchange it offers you several USB-A 3.0 ports, a 4K HDMI input (60 Hz) and a card reader. Its practical design allows you to carry it in your backpack without any problem, in addition to being compatible with Apple computers, with Windows and developed under the Chromebook seal.


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