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UGREEN HiTune X5: affordable, but level headphones | Digital Trends Spanish

It’s no secret that there is a wide offering of truly wireless headphones in-ear with increasingly accessible prices, which sometimes means having a sound quality that is not surprising. It is not the case of UGREEN HiTune X5, which offer good audio performance without losing the affordability factor.

After spending a few weeks with them, here are some reasons to consider them over other proposals.

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1. Autonomy

The UGREEN HiTune X5 give an autonomy of up to 420 minutes on a single charge, enough time to reproduce a playlist or watch a movie from your mobile. Also, its case offers a total of 28 hours, which could mean forgetting about cables for a week if you have listening sessions of about 240 minutes a day.

The hearing aids are charged to 100 percent within 90 minutes, while the hearing aid case takes about 120 minutes.

2. Power interior

There are several elements that make the UGREEN pair have an optimal performance. Inside it was placed the Qualcomm QCC3040 processor, designed to elevate the truly wireless user experience. It also comes with Qualcomm aptX technology, which is intended to improve wireless sound quality (low latency).

And for a seamless connection and efficient power consumption, the HiTune X5 integrates the latest version of the Bluetooth standard (5.2).

3. Design

As with other hearing aids of the type, it is necessary to find the pads that best adapt to the ear of each one. Fortunately, the purchase package of the HiTune X5, in addition to the USB-C charging cable, includes three pairs of additional ear pads.

Regarding the practicality of the case, opts for a rectangular design, but with curved edges, which makes it easy to place in a trouser bag or backpack without inconvenience.

Finally, each of the headphones responds to different gestures (you even have the possibility of raising and lowering the volume without having to touch the cell phone).

  • One tap on the left or right earbud. Depending on the case, the music is resumed or paused, or a call is answered or ended.
  • A 2 second tap on any hearing aid. A call is rejected or the cell phone’s voice assistant is activated.
  • Three beats on the right. It goes on to the next song.
  • Three quick taps on the left. The previous song is played or goes to the beginning of the current one.
  • Two keystrokes on the right. Increase in volume level.
  • Two keystrokes on the left. Decrease in volume level.
  • Four quick taps on either earbud. It goes to normal or games mode, as the case may be.

4. Price

The regular price of these headphones is $ 50 dollars, but they can be purchased for $ 35 dollars in the next two weeks.

Due to the characteristics they offer and the sound quality they provide, it is a fair price. Other fully wireless headphones on the market, with a similar cost, provide flat sound; the ones that are starting to excel in audio are listed for over $ 100.

5. Sound performance

To ensure sound quality, the HiTune X5 incorporates a pair of 10mm dynamic drivers and compound drivers. Plus, UGREEN’s Superbass Low-frequency Enhancement Technology delivers rich, solid bass.

Yes, it can be assured that this pair does not lag behind the flat, screeching sound of its closest competition. This is verified when music and even a movie are played on the various media services. streaming.

For clear calls, the HiTune X5s come with four MEMS microphones and an advanced algorithm (CVC 8.0). All of this reduces ambient noise and echoes.



The UGREEN HiTune X5 They are cheap headphones and break the chain of those pairs that must sacrifice sound quality in order to keep the price affordable.

In addition to its optimal sound detail, its autonomy is also enough to not leave half a playlist or series or movie on the cell phone.

One of the few complaints is the one that has to do with the gestures: they do not respond as quickly or are confusing at first.

In conclusion, the HiTune X5 are ideal for those users who seek to raise the sound quality of the content they enjoy on the road.

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