Saturday, December 10

UGT and CCOO assure that the dismissals of Twitter in Spain are null: “They will have to reinstate them all”

UGT and CCOO have assured this Sunday that Twitter Spain has fired almost all its employees by mail and have made themselves available to professionals to advise, challenge and denounce the social network considering that the dismissals are null.

Specifically, the general secretary of the UGT, Pepe Álvarez, has reported that Twitter Spain has fired 26 workers and warns that “they will have to reinstate them all” because “it must be done as a collective dismissal”, in addition to opening a consultation period, negotiate 15 days and notify the labor authority.

“Not doing it this way makes the layoffs null and void,” the union spokesman emphasized, through a post on Twitter.

These dismissals, according to Álvarez, demonstrate the need to recover prior administrative authorization in collective dismissals because “people cannot be so unprotected.” “It was left pending in the last reform, and it is evident that we have to take it up again”, he has admitted.

For this reason, it has ensured that they will report these dismissals to the Labor Inspection and makes itself available to professionals to take legal action. “A social and legal state cannot allow a man, no matter how rich he may be, to leave people without work by trampling on their rights. UGT is going to fight it”, assured Pepe Álvarez.

For its part, CCOO has also made itself available to workers to advise on this situation. “It seems that at 5:30 p.m. yesterday, almost all Twitter Spain workers received an email with their dismissal,” the organization’s general secretary, Unai Sordo, published this Saturday on his account on this social network.