Tuesday, July 5

UGT and CCOO: “The employers of the Extremadura countryside worsen working conditions to guarantee their benefits”

UGT and CCOO will hold assemblies with delegates, affiliates and farm workers to decide the next steps to take and the positions to defend in future negotiations of the Extremadura farm agreement, which affects some 65,000 workers.

The two unions maintain the strike call in the Extremaduran countryside for June 16, 17 and 18 after not having reached an agreement at the third mediation meeting held this past Friday at the Labor Relations Foundation in Mérida. They justify their decision in the “closure” of the agrarian employers, “which has not proposed anything so far that was not loss of rights for workers.”

During the days prior to this strike, they will hold assemblies with delegates, affiliates and workers in the sector to decide “the next steps to take and the positions to defend from this moment on in future negotiations.”

The two organizations have assured that they will not allow the same ones who signed the previous collective agreement and “now deny their own commitments” to get away with it and “worse” working conditions by charging the workers with their company benefits. “We are not going to allow the only answer to the social achievements that have cost decades of poverty and sacrifice to be lost due to the efforts of businessmen in the sector to cover their profits,” they added.

According to CCOO and UGT, it is time to defend the dignity of work in the fields and the rights of workers on the land.


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