Sunday, July 3

UGT denounces the Government before Europe for the “low costs of dismissal”

UGT takes the coalition government to Europe for the cost of dismissal in Spain, a matter that was not addressed in the labor reform agreed with the social partners. The union explained this Tuesday that the organization has filed a lawsuit for the “low costs of dismissal” before the European Committee of Social Rights, a path that the Government enabled with the proposal to ratify the European Social Charter and the protocols for file collective claims.

The roadmap of Yolanda Díaz in the Government after the labor reform

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The deputy secretary general of Trade Union Policy of the UGT, Mariano Hoya, and the confederal secretary, Fernando Luján, have announced this Tuesday the collective claim, which has already been accepted for processing. The union considers that the cost of dismissal “does not comply with European regulations” by having an “affordable and non-dissuasive” price for companies.

Specifically, union representatives have stated that the current Spanish dismissal system “manifestly” fails to comply with the provisions of “article 24 of the European Social Charter and ILO Convention 158” that deal with dismissal.

“The Spanish norm must be adapted to international legislation because, otherwise, companies will be left free to make capricious, arbitrary and unjustified decisions against workers,” they have warned.

Confidence in a change by European mandate

UGT union officials have stressed that the 2012 labor reform reduced severance pay, eliminated processing wages and facilitated the causes of dismissal, some ways in which dismissal was facilitated and, in their opinion, the legislation is violated international.

“The successive labor reforms have turned unjustified dismissal into free and poorly paid,” the union has denounced. Fernando Luján explained that the hope of the union is that the European Committee rules in favor of the collective demand and forces the Government to modify the dismissal regulation.

“We expect a favorable resolution as has already happened in the case of the Italian model. This is very similar to the Spanish one and in 2017 it obtained a favorable response from the European Committee of Social Rights”, Luján argued before the media.

Those responsible for UGT have warned that the collective claim shows that the union does not give up regarding the claims that were not included in the labor reform agreed with the Government at the end of 2021.

For the organization led by Pepe Álvarez, the dismissal reform is fundamental and they trust that it will be addressed in the 21st Century Statute, one of the pending duties of Vice President Yolanda Díaz of the legislature. If it is not by the will of the Government, UGT hopes that it will be dealt with by the support of the European committee, Luján and Hoya have indicated.