Monday, September 26

UGT investigates an alleged internal corruption plot for the diversion of “more than one million euros”

Open investigation into an alleged case of internal corruption in UGT Madrid, with a scope of “more than one million euros” that would have been taken from the organization itself, union sources point out to It is a case with many questions still, which has been settled this Tuesday with the resignation of the leader of the organization in Madrid, Luis Miguel López Reillo, who was the one who denounced the events several days ago to the police, such as advanced this weekend El Mundo. The identity of only one of the denounced union workers, an administrative one, has transcended: the daughter of the PSOE deputy in the Madrid Assembly Carmen López, who in the past had responsibility in the UGT. After the plot was publicly disclosed, the union has presented information about the case to the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office for Economic Crimes.

“Today the Management Commission of UGT Madrid has submitted a letter to the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office for Economic Crimes, for an alleged fraud carried out against the union,” state union sources point out. This information “expands” that allegedly provided by López Reillo to the Madrid Judicial Police, indicate from the UGT Confederal.

The plot was detected by the union itself, they explain in the organization led by Pepe Álvarez, and it would be an internal scam by UGT Madrid staff through which they illegally extracted “funds from UGT Madrid”. The events detected correspond to “2020 and 2021” and the amount estimated internally is “more than one million euros,” explain union sources. “But it can be a lot more,” they acknowledge.

Simulation of Fogasa payments

The maneuver used would consist of simulating Fogasa fertilizers to workers through which those involved in the scam diverted union funds to appropriate them, according to the union’s internal investigation. This started “a few weeks ago” and was commissioned to “an external investigator and an external audit”. The state UGT indicates that both the confederal union and the Madrid leadership were aware of the case.

From the UGT they emphasize that “there are no funds from Fogasa defrauded, nor workers affected” by this practice, but that the scam used supposed payments of this type as a pretext to appropriate funds from the union organization. “The scammed is the union,” they insist. According to the UGT, the plot only reaches the organization in Madrid, according to the data collected, although the internal investigation “remains open.”

UGT, as one of the most representative workers’ organizations, receives both funds through its membership and affiliate dues and public subsidies.

One designated worker, one resignation and two complaints

History, which is already in the hands of the police and the courts, still has many open questions and some striking facts. In the absence of knowing how many people from the union are involved in this plot and its scope, only one name of the denounced personnel has transpired: an administrative, daughter of the PSOE deputy in the Madrid Assembly, Carmen López, who held positions of responsibility in the union at the state level and in Madrid before starting his political career. This started in 2015, when he joined Ángel Gabilondo’s lists in the regional elections.

This media has been able to contrast by various sources that this worker is one of those affected by the internal investigation and also the one reported to the authorities. has asked the UGT if there are more union workers under investigation, given the high amount allegedly taken away, but has not wanted to answer in this regard, always remembering that “the presumption of innocence must be respected.” The union “has taken measures” with respect to the personnel affected by the investigation, without specifying whether it reaches anyone other than this worker.

Beyond this worker, it is noteworthy that the complainant in the case to the authorities, Luis Miguel López Reillo, has resigned. In the state union they normalize their step backwards, since they emphasize that they were in charge of the union when the events occurred and it is a way of giving transparency to the investigation.

But, in addition, it is also striking the presentation of López Reillo’s complaint alone before the Police and, on the other hand, that the Management Commission that replaces him has for its part presented the information available to the Prosecutor’s Office. Luis Miguel López Reillo has not responded to questions from this medium about whether the union was aware of his complaint or about the cause of his resignation after reporting the events, for which he refers to a publication on his Facebook profile that he trusts in the “police investigations to clarify the facts.”

“The Confederal Executive Commission of UGT”, that is to say, the management with Pepe Álvarez at the head, “the federations and the Management Commission are acting internally to clarify the facts, will place in the hands of the court all the evidence available against this plot and works to continue giving the due union response in the Community of Madrid “, they indicate from the union at the state level.