Saturday, July 24

UK ends all trials for crimes committed during the Northern Ireland conflict



The UK Government announced on Wednesday the end of all lawsuits related to crimes committed during the Northern Ireland conflict, which will apply to former British soldiers and former paramilitaries and to all events prior to the 1998 Good Friday Agreement. As recognized by the British Minister for Northern Ireland, Brandon Lewis, in Parliament, the The Government knows that “the end of the prosecutions will be difficult for some to accept”, but has assured that the Executive does not take this position “lightly”.

However, he has justified that this is the “best and only” way to “facilitate an effective recovery process and provision of information ‘, as well as being’ the best way to help Northern Ireland move forward on the path of reconciliation ‘. In this sense, he stated that it is clear that the current system to deal with the legacy of the Northern Irish conflict “is not working.” “Focusing on criminal investigations makes it more unlikely to achieve results … while continuing to divide communities and fail to get answers for most victims and families,” he added.

The main political parties of Northern Ireland and the Government of the territory have already opposed the measure of the British Government, as reported by Sky News.

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