Tuesday, October 19

UK mobilizes its tanker fleet to ease fuel crisis




The British government has mobilized its fleet of tanker trucks on Wednesday to alleviate the crisis of fuel shortages that plagues the country, not because there is no gasoline, but because there are not enough heavy vehicle drivers to take the product from the refineries to the service stations.

This was confirmed in a post on his Twitter account by the Minister of Companies, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Kwasi Kwarteng, saying that the fleet, which is made up of around 80 trucks, “will be on the road this afternoon to improve fuel delivery at petrol stations across the UK.”

The minister specified that for the moment the vehicles will be driven by civilians, but said that “in the next few days people will see the soldiers driving the fleet of tanker trucks,” after the executive approved on Tuesday to mobilize the military to help alleviate the crisis.

Kwarteng assured that there are «clues” That the situation «has started to improve“With” more stations “with fuel available, and urged the population to stop filling their car tanks unnecessarily because” the sooner we return to our normal shopping habits, the sooner the situation will return to normal. ”

Just a month ago, it was the same minister who asked haulage companies to prioritize hiring British workers over relying on foreign labor to fix the truck driver shortage, after they asked the Boris Johnson’s executive relax the immigration rules that came into force after the consummation of Brexit on December 31 last year and that have caused many community workers who left for their countries of origin during the Covid-19 pandemic. return.

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